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Information for content owners

If you have content for iLancaster

If you have information that you feel would be useful for ilancaster users - please get in touch by completing the feedback form.

If you have an event which is of interest to Lancaster students and staff, for inclusion in the 'Events' feature - please complete the LUSU 'Pocket Events' submission form.
Note: Events should be extra-curricular and social events which are of interest to Lancaster students and staff, and which are linked to the University in some way. These can range from events taking place on campus to trips and events across the region and beyond.


Pocket Guide icon Guiding principles for iLancaster Pocket Guide content

Content must:

  • Be useful to mobile device users.
    For example, location and opening times for accessing The Base for student support is useful; lengthy information about what The Base does is not useful.

  • Be written in a way which is appropriate to the section of the Guide into which it is located.
    For example, contact details and opening times should be sharp and brief.

  • Be concise enough to fit on a single iPhone screen without scrolling.
    However, longer lists can be acceptable, providing that they can be presented logically and alphabetically, avoiding the need for an extra layer of menu options.

  • Only be replicated elsewhere in the Pocket Guide where essential.
    For example, Library opening times could acceptably appear in a key list of opening times within Campus > Facilities, and also in Study > Library. In such cases, duplication is preferable to users having to move in and out of sections and menus. *

  • Not duplicate information already available on another feature.
    For example, the locations of PC Labs already exists on the PC availability feature.

  • Only link to other websites to provide information not included in the Pocket Guide.
    However, more weight may be given to providing links to websites which have been formatted for presentation on mobile devices.

  • Have an identified 'owner' for that content.
    The owner will have responsibility for ensuring that the content remains up-to-date, and for reviewing the content as it reaches its identified review date.

  • Have a lifespan which is greater than three weeks.
    Where relevant information has a lifespan which is less than this it should be considered (with no set guarantee) for inclusion as a 'banner'.

* Future versions of the Application will allow content to be created and stored once, but allowing this to be made available in multiple content locations. However, the same content should still only be replicated elsewhere in the Pocket Guide where essential.




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